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The Golden Years | Forging Unforgettable Memories

Posted by Warren Buchanan

In Student Spotlight

Here at Tuskegee CAENS, we love to hear about the experiences our students have with their journey of higher education. Our latest series highlights real experiences from real students and alumni across the school, revealing that their time at TU brings them growth beyond education.


The Golden Years | Forging Unforgettable Memories

I dreamed that I would make history one day and getting accepted to THE Tuskegee University was my first step. TU has molded me into the person I always knew I was supposed to be. When I look at my "Throwback Thursday" pictures I can see the growth in my stance, the confidence on my face, and the joy in my heart. All of my personal development has everything to do with being a Tuskegee Golden Tiger.

The Tuskegee struggle is real and is unique to every student.  In college, things like thinking you were going to starve and your dorm mates giving you that last pack of noodles to hearing the snack man just in the nick of time seem like huge obstacles. There were times I thought I was going to fail my next test but the class GroupMe app never failed to come through with the right topics to study, and I pulled through with knowledge that stuck with me. Other times it was searching for a trip to Walmart in Auburn and there was always someone on campus coming in clutch with a ride. Then there was the ever-present yet growing experience of homesickness since my family is in another state but remembering all of the campus events to attend and people nearby to support me. Throughout this time, you realize that you have a ‘Skegee family to remind you that you were home all along.


I have met some of my best friends on this campus who have have helped shape me into the Tuskegee woman that I am today. For my years at Tuskegee University were so golden, I wouldn't change, alter, erase, or replace them for anything in the world. It’s something about being a Golden Tiger, go TU! 

-Amber Nekole