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Columbia, Missouri

February 15, 2021
More Info

DEADLINE -  February 15, 2021

Position Description

The MU-ARTSS program is structured into a week-long didactic program providing an intensive introduction to alcohol research followed by an 8-week research internship in the lab. The program is set up to provide an independent learning experience and offer the intern an opportunity to get a sense of a ‘grad school’ working environment.


  • Applicants ideally must have completed 2 years of undergraduate work
  • Must have a B average or better in all coursework 

Duration & Compensation

Pay Rate: $3,800 stipend

Start Date: June 2, 2021

End Date: July 30, 2021

Application Process

  • Complete and upload application on website
  • 2 Letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with academic potential and performance 
  • Submit unofficial academic transcript from current institution, name and GPA must be included
  • Resume, please indicate the type of research you are interested in


Application Tips

  • You will be evaluated based on academic performance, recommendations, and overall depth of academic coursework to date

Additional Information 

  • Travel expenses are not paid for by MU

  • The university will provide room and board
  • Interns will receive 1 hour of academic credit (course title: Special Problems in Psychology, Psych 2950) from the University of Missouri 


Arlington, VA

DEADLINE -  May 3rd


In the 1800s, entrepreneurs and inventors in the flour milling, brewing and sugar milling industries began wading into animal nutrition, developing food and beverage processing systems and new ways to use byproducts in feed. As the science of animal nutrition evolved, soon, state regulatory agencies began to take note of this burgeoning industry.

In 1906, Congress enacted the landmark Federal Pure Food and Drug Act, which gave federal officials the authority over feeds shipped in interstate commerce. Realizing a need to stay informed about these new regulations, in 1909, the industry assembled in Chicago and created the American Feed Manufacturers Association, the organization from which AFIA stems.

AFIA has also enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the Association of American Feed Control Officials, an association of state and federal agencies charged by law with regulating the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drugs. AFIA has participated in an unbroken chain of cooperative meetings biannually with AAFCO since its establishment in 1909. With a common goal of creating sound legislation based on the AAFCO Model Feed Bill – one developed by consensus – the organizations are engaged in using each other’s expertise to develop state feed laws and regulations that are rooted in science.

Position Description

Manage the association’s government affairs activities on behalf of the AFIA legislative and regulatory (L&R) team. Work closely with the L&R team to ensure a high level of legislative and regulatory representation, one of AFIA’s 4 Promises of membership value. Work closely with the L&R staff on state affairs and lead the proactive and responsive efforts for the states assigned. Staff AFIA committees and member interest groups as assigned and provide updates to other committees/member interest groups as needed.


  •   Manage relevant AFIA legislative and regulatory priorities as assigned

  •   Broaden AFIA’s reach on Capitol Hill through building relationships and regular

    meetings with members of Congress and their staff, the administration and regulatory


  •   Lead the annual AFIA legislative fly-in

  •   Represent the feed industry at hearings, receptions and other informal meetings related to

    government affairs

  •   Maintain good standing for the association and self through proper disclosures of

    lobbying activities

  •   Encourage AFIA member involvement in L&R advocacy efforts

  •   Assist in the development of association policies and positons, as well as help develop

    comments, testimony, issue briefs, etc.

  •   Build relationships with AFIA membersD.C. offices and foster partnerships with key


  •   Provide communication materials such as drafting issue briefs, newsletters and blog

   content; conduct media interviews and other speaking engagements as required.

  •   Draft communications to inform the members of legislative and regulatory developments

  •   Contribute to AFIA’s recruitment of new members, retention of existing members and

    positive two-way member relations

  •   Support and maintain VoterVoice on the AFIA website and engage members in

    grassroots advocacy and engagement

  •   Assist AFIA’s committee and member interest groups when appropriate

  •   Support and contribute to the successful implementation of the AFIA mission

  •   Other projects as assigned by supervisor


  •   Bachelor’s degree in animal science/agricultural policy or related area

  •   Two or more years of experience in agriculture and/or the legislative or regulatory

    process (Hill experience preferred)

  •   Demonstrated successful leadership in issues or crisis management

  •   Ability to read, analyze and interpret legislative and regulatory issues

  •   Excellent verbal and written communications skills

  •   Ability to build and maintain a positive working relationship with colleagues and

    members to accomplish objectives

  •   Self-motivated and capable of multi-tasking with minimal supervision

  •   Detail-oriented with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment

  •   Superior customer service ethic ability to respond effectively to inquiries from AFIA



Duration & Compensation

Pay Rate:  N/A 

Start Date: N/A

End Date: N/A

Days Off: N/A


Application Process

What To Send

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter 

Additional Information 

  • Deadline to apply is May 3, 2019 by 5pm Eastern time
  • Please email your resume and cover letter to lwilkinson@afia.org with the heading "AFIA's Manager of Government Affairs"


Lexington, KY

DEADLINE -  October 31, 2019


The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) program is dedicated to improving the opportunities for college students wishing to pursue a career in the field of equine management. KEMI offers a comprehensive educational experience for students enrolled for academic credit through a sponsoring college or university, or for recent graduates of such institutions.

Position Description

Through the internship, students integrate academic studies with practical experience, leadership and responsibility as a contributing participant on a Central Kentucky horse farm. Aside from farm commitments, students are introduced into a network of equine professionals representing multifaceted careers in the equine profession. During the first week of the course, students participate in Orientation activities as a group. After the first week, students are employed full-time by participating farms where they become familiar with the day-to-day management of horses on commercial thoroughbred farms.


  • Completed atleast 2 years of college curriculum with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Previous hands-on experience in the equine industry
  • A strong work ethic and personal character and be dependable 


Duration & Compensation

Pay Rate:  N/A 

Start Date: January 6, 2020

End Date: June 5, 2020

Days Off: N/A


Application Process

What To Send

  • Online application
  • Original Official Transcripts 
  • 3 Letters of Recommendations
  • Application Fee ($35)

Additional Information 

  • Letters must be written on letterhead and/or have the appropriate contact information(authors name, company or business, mailing address, phone number, and email address) MUST BE SIGNED
  • These letters must be the ORIGINAL letter, they should be specifically written for the applicant for this internship
  • Letters of Recommendation cannot arrive seperately from the application form and cannot be emailed 
  • Letters must include the authors credential(why they are an appropriate person to submit a letter on behalf on the applicant) and the authors relationship to the applicant
  • Letters should address the applicants suitability for the internship including academic achievement, personal character, and horse-handling experience.
  • Do not staple papers together, paperclips are acceptable
  • Do not submit application in a folder/binder
  • All applicants will receive an email when applicatio has arrived and been processed


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