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Beyond the Diploma | An alumni's look back at challenges and growth

Posted by Warren Buchanan

Here at Tuskegee CAENS, we love to hear about the experiences our students have with their journey of higher education. Our latest series highlights real experiences from real students and alumni across the school, revealing that their time at TU brings them growth beyond education.


Beyond the Diploma | An Alumni's Look Back at Challenges and Growth

 2018-11-30 at 10.14 AM


"If it had not been for my Tuskegee experience, I’m not sure I would have found the professional confidence I’ve gained since the beginning of my journey at Tuskegee, which I carried through for both undergraduate and post grad degrees. I attribute much of the man I am today to my alma mater. I’d say the most affirming tribute, through my experience, came almost immediately after receiving my Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management in June of 2012. I had to the opportunity to work for the general contractor who oversaw the restoration project of the epicenter of the campus, Tompkins Hall. 

Tuskegee's history is rooted in her students learning how to apply their skill sets to the establishment and construction of the buildings they, and their future classmates, would learn in. Having the opportunity to work on Tompkins Hall opened my soul to a sense of purpose I’d never felt before in my life. To also be honest, the experience brought with it challenges which resonate with me even today. I attribute my ability to make it through the project to the lessons learned as a member of the Gamma Epsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity on Tuskegee’s campus. 

Working on Tompkins Hall had its challenges. The uncertainty, unforeseen circumstances, and constant change orders brought stress and made me feel as though there was little hope of completion until the project was finalized. Seeing a big project like Tompkins Hall showed me the prospect of actual fulfilment in my life and inspired me to tackle larger challenges and instilled in me the desire to strive for excellence in everything I do today and into the future."

-Kirkland Edmond '07 | Bachelors of Construction Management