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Summer Programs at Tuskegee University

Posted by Carmen Holcombe



Summer Programs at Tuskegee University“School's out for the summer!”


Whether in third grade or a college junior, every student anticipates shouting this phrase come late Spring. While students love to spend their summer breaks stress free and away from work, most do not realize that summer break is a great time to participate in various educational programs and activities. Summer break is the perfect time for students to explore subjects of interest and navigate possible career directions. Often, it is the time when high schoolers find that one subject that really peaks their interest and grows into a passion.


I know what you’re thinking? But I don’t want to spend my summer break taking classes! Fair enough, but summer enrichment programs are usually not as stressful as actual school, and, honestly, are usually way more fun. They focus on a few subjects rather than an entire required curriculum, are very interactive, and often include field experience, which means a more open and easy-going atmosphere for learning.


Tuskegee University offers different programs for age groups ranging from high school to post-baccalaureate. The AgriTREK/SciTREK Summer Institute and the AgDiscovery Summer Program are two popular programs for high school students hosted by CAENS and the Tuskegee Center for Advanced Materials and College of Engineering.


These two-week residential programs are excellent opportunities for students interested in agriculture, as well as research, engineering, science, and mathematics. They give students an awareness of the educational opportunities that are available in STEAM and related areas through hands-on research, leadership development, and personal enrichment activities.


The AgriTREK/SciTREK Summer Institute and the AgDiscovery Summer Program also introduce students to the different career options that a CAENS degree can provide. These programs are a great opportunity for students who have already decided what they want to study when they get to college, but they are also excellent for students that are undecided, yet want to explore their options. The AgriTREK/SciTREK Summer Institute and the AgDiscovery Summer Program are taught by CAENS and other Tuskegee professors and professionals, so students enjoy the benefit of networking within the university. They can develop relationships with professors and seek advice about preparing for college. Also, college students and recent graduates work as program counselors, giving participants additional opportunities to learn about Tuskegee student life and classroom and job experiences first hand from young adults who were in their shoes not so long ago.


So, as you think about the joyous freedom that awaits your high school summers, give some serious thought to how you want to spend that free time and what you want to get out of your summer experiences. Will they lead you on the journey to finding your own passion?

To learn more about these and other summer programs at Tuskegee University, visit our website.