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How a Summer at Tuskegee Helped Me On My Path to Vet School

Posted by Jonathan Owens


Necropsy, Ophthalmology, PCR, and Pharmacology—all these subjects may seem unrelated, but they really have more in common than you think. I learned all this and more as a participant in the Summer Enrichment Reinforcement Program (SERP) at Tuskegee University.


As a CAENS student, I’ve had many opportunities to extend my learning past the usual classroom curriculum. The most momentous one for me, though, was when I had the esteemed opportunity to participate in SERP last summer. My goal is to be a veterinarian. Since SERP is housed in the School of Veterinary Medicine (TUSVM) and taught by their professors, this program seemed like a perfect opportunity to obtain insight and hands-on experience. At first I was nervous because it was a crash course in veterinary school. I’d heard it would be challenging, but rich in resources and knowledge. I knew I couldn’t turn this opportunity down. So summer of 2016, I embarked on this life-changing experience.


Summer Enrichment Reinforcement Program at Tuskegee


SERP was extraordinary. The program is lecture and practicum based. Professors rotate lecturing on designated days throughout the week. These lectures were unique, showcasing the professors’ specialized areas of study. Lectures ranged from Large Animal Medicine to Clinical Pathology. The professors had phenomenal lectures and thoroughly enjoyed teaching us. You could tell they had a true passion for their work and for sharing it with the students. I especially enjoyed the workshop that taught us how to decipher through lecture and get the key points. Throughout the summer, we had numerous opportunities for professional development also.

Summer Enrichment Reinforcement Program at Tuskegee

In addition to all the academic work and workshops, we had fun with each other.  We hiked in the local national park and swam in its streams. When holidays came up during the summer, we celebrated with potluck cookouts filled with good food and good times.



The Summer Enrichment Reinforcement Program helped me get my priorities in order for veterinary school by preparing both academically and mentally. It was an experience I recommend for anyone with similar goals. It’s a great investment toward your graduate education and career, plus a wonderful way to make new friends with peers and to build relationships with professors.  Check out more information about this amazing program here on the Tuskegee website.