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CAENS Professor Spotlight - Meet Dr. Gamal El Afandi

Posted by Warren Buchanan

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Next in our Professor and Student Spotlights series is Dr. Gamal El Afandi, who has taught in the College of Agriculture, Environment, and Nutrition Sciences for 5 years. Dr. El Afandi teaches Agrometeorology, Climate Change, and Climate Modeling classes. He currently is engaged in research related to data acquisition and data handling with atmospheric models. His research concentrates on climate and climate change as well as its impacts on different sectors, focusing on agriculture and water resources in addition to the environment. 

We asked Professor El Afandi a few questions about his work, his teaching style, and what he likes to do in his free time.  Here's what he had to say.


 What do you like best about teaching at CAENS?

1. Sharing experiences with my students and colleagues.

2. Enhancing the ability of students to achieve their best.

3. Biodiversity and interacting with many cultures.

4. Introducing hands-on training for students to enhance their skills. Therefore, they will be able to innovate new tools and techniques.

5. Helping students to think independently and not accept my opinions all the time.


Give students reading this blog two "secrets" to success in your class.

1. Think deeply in subject matter.

2. Concentration during my class.


What makes Tuskegee unique?

Enhancing STEM programs and more environmental and scientific research.


Describe your first car.

 It was a new FIAT car. This car ran great and was economical on gas!


If someone gave you $10 million to use however you wanted in your field of study, what would you do with it?

I would hire more graduate students to execute more research, especially in the area of renewable energy, and I would enhance the climate change program at CAENS. 


Dr. Gamal El Alfandi is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences. 

To learn more about Dr. El Afandi's research and classes, visit his Tuskegee University faculty page.  


 *Responses have been edited for punctuation and length.