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Agribusiness at CAENS: Two Internships, One Major

Posted by Dr. Hargrove

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In a world full of changing trends, agriculture will always be a constant. Feeding the world’s population requires knowledge of both agricultural and business best practices.  That is where Agribusiness comes in.

Agribusiness, one of the degrees offered through CAENS, uses business aspects such as economics and marketing to take the agricultural products we use every day and find ways to grow and sell them more efficiently to feed the growing demand of communities at home and globally.  As a land grant institution, Tuskegee has a long and distinguished history of educating people to work in agriculture and related fields. Agribusiness builds upon that foundation offering a wide range of job and internship opportunities. This past summer, two CAENS Agribusiness students, Rasheda and Kyra, completed internships, but their experiences were very different. No two internships are the same when it comes to Agribusiness. 

WildlifeRefuge.jpgRasheda worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as an Environmental Education Intern, using her marketing skills to attract people to visit wildlife refuges. She also used her knowledge about agriculture and the environment to teach children the importance of animals and conservation. Rasheda’s work took place in the office and in the field. Some days she was creating activity books for children about native species of Louisiana. Other days, she was riding an airboat down a bayou doing habitat restoration.

“I really enjoyed my internship because it was an exciting blend of indoor and outdoor activities.”

Agrubusiness_Produce.jpgKyra, in contrast, worked with AL Hook’s Produce in an internship program through CAENS. This internship gave her the opportunity to work in the field picking produce, selling produce at farmers’ markets, and packaging it for deliveries. She also participated in some business activities where she honed marketing and management skills. Kyra completed a project that modernized the company’s marketing system, which had last been updated in 2012.

Although their internships were completely different, both Kyra and Rasheda discovered these opportunities through the CAENS agribusiness major. From marketing and management to farm and co-op entrepreneurship, the degree is multifaceted teaching skills and concepts that are adaptable to a wide array of jobs. Learn more about the eight Agribusiness program options on the CAENS website.

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