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NSF-REU Internship 


NSF-REU Internship

March 10, 2019

Montgomery, AL

DEADLINE -  March 10th, 2019

Mission Statement

Alabama State University is a comprehensive diverse student- centered public HBCU committed to global excellence in teaching, research and service.

The University fulfills its mission by:

  • Fostering critical thought
  • Encouraging artistic creativity
  • Developing professional competence
  • Promoting responsible citizenship in its students
  • Adding to the academic and experiential bodies of knowledge  Enhancing the quality of life through research and discovery
  • Cultivating global citizenship through thoughtful (meaningful, purposeful conscientious, intentional) and engaging public service




 Alabama State University is a HBCU in Montgomery, Alabama.  Founded less than two years after the end of the civil war as the Lincoln Normal School in Marion, Alabama, it is one of the oldest HBCUs in the United States. 

Position Description


(1) Development and synthesis of functionalized nanoparticles 

(2) Design and fabrication of polymeric tissue scaffolds by 3-D printing

(3) Tissue regeneration on 3-D scaffolds

(4) Strategies to manipulate bacterial growth on tissue scaffolds

(5) Regulation of immune response in cells

(6) Using LIBS technology for biological detection




(1) Students must be a permanent resident of USA or be a cititzen 

(2) Undergraduate student majoring in science or engineering 


Duration & Compensation

Pay Rate: $575 (per week)

Start Date: May 27

End Date: July 27 

Work Days Off: N/A

Application Process

What To Send

  • Submit 2 letters of recommendation from academic/advisors/science instructors
  • Unofficial/Official Transcripts 
  • One page essay (600 words) describing your career goals, interests, and experiences that qualify you for this research internship
  • Application form (online submission)


Application Tips

  • Women and minorities are encouraged to apply

Additional Information 

  • Applicants will be notified of their status no later than March 31st, 2019
  • Travel allowance
  • Housing is provided



 915 S Jackson St

Montgomery, AL 36101 



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