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Short Term Education Program towards digestive & Metabolic Physiology


Short Term Education Program towards Digestive & Metabolic Physiology

February 1, 2019

Ann Arbor , MI

DEADLINE -  February 1st, 2019

Mission Statement

We create and share knowledge so that people will use information -- with technology -- to build a better world.


Physiology has been a part of the curriculum at the University of Michigan Medical School from its beginning in 1850. Physiology as a research discipline at the University dates back to 1882, when Henry Sewall, Ph.D., was hired as the first full-time Professor of Physiology, which makes us one of the first physiology departments in the United States. Throughout this time, Michigan physiologists have played a role in the education of scientists, physicians, and other health professionals. Over 250 individuals have received the Ph.D. degree in physiology, and their discoveries and leadership have provided landmarks in the advancement of physiology as a discipline.


Position Description

(1) The laboratory hands-on research experience is complemented by a weekly noon lecture series with presentations on responsible conduct of research, several aspects of digestive and metabolic physiology, and how loss of physiological regulation leads to disease.

(2) Students are expected to attend other departmental and university lectures/seminars.


(1) Students must be a permanent resident of USA or be a cititzen 

(2) Student must be currently enrolled in a degree granting college or university 

(3) Applicant should have excelllent academic records

Duration & Compensation

Pay Rate: $4,200 (Students are required to work 40 hours per week)

Start Date: May 28

End Date: August 16 (Students are required to attend the Summer Symposium to report their summer)

Work Days Off: July 4th (Additional days off must be approved by faculty member and hours must be made up by the end of the summer)

Application Process

What To Send

  • Submit 2 letters of recommendation to be sent on your behalf including the recommenders email address in the online application. The link for the recommendation form will be sent by email directly to the recommender for completion.  
  • Unofficial/Official Transcripts 
  • Personal statement


Application Tips

  • Pick 3 options for a summer mentor in order

Additional Information 

  • Preference will be given to students with strong academic performance in science courses and relevant laboratory experience.
  • Housing is not included however pricing for housing has been factored into the stipend 
  • Preference given to students who's career interest is research 


 130E. CatherinRd,
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5622




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