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CAENS Professor Spotlight - Meet Dr. Gamal El Afandi

Next in our Professor and Student Spotlights series is Dr. Gamal El Afandi, who has taught in the College of Agriculture, Environment, and Nutrition Sciences for 5 years. Dr. El Afandi teaches Agrometeorology, Climate Change, and Climate Modeling classes. He currently is engaged in research related to data acquisition and data handling with atmospheric models. His research concentrates on climate and climate change as well as its impacts on different sectors, focusing on agriculture and water resources in addition to the environment. 

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CAENS Professor Spotlight - Meet Dr. Souleymane Fall

Next in our Professor and Student Spotlights series we profile Dr. Souleymane Fall. Dr. Fall has taught at CAENS for 6 years and currently teaches four Geographic Information Systems (GIS) classes (traditional and online). His research interests center on the use of GIS to analyze different aspects of climate variability and change. 

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CAENS Professor Spotlight - Meet Dr. Robert Zabawa

This week we start a new blog series called Professor and Student Spotlights. Every day we see the talented and amazing people working and studying at CAENS and other parts of Tuskegee University.  Naturally, we want to tell our readers about them. What better way to get to know people than by hearing what they have to say about themselves?  So, we asked some of our professors and students to participate in short interviews.  Over the next several months, we will be sharing their responses here on our blog.   

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